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The Importance Of Social Media Background Checking

Social mediaCompanies are turning to social media to help with the important hiring decisions concerning potential new employees. Giant social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have become vital in the firing and hiring process of employees, and more and more companies are turning their focus from traditional background checks, to utilizing the power of social media to help with that process.

Companies Using Social Media to Help With Hiring

When hiring a new employee to a company, background checks are of course very important for the safety of the business. These background checks can identify potential problems that a resume will not tell you, such as driving infractions, domestic violence issues and criminal history. The background check will give you concrete evidence that will aid in the decision making concerning the hiring of the prospective employee, but social media now gives the decision makers a more in depth look at the person.

Companies now have the ability to look at a person’s profile on Facebook and identify issues that could be a potential problem in the future. Investigators can spot where prospective employees are involved in illegal activities that they post on their wall. These infractions can range from illegal gambling, downloading stolen music to posting pornographic subject matter.

These issues can all be left to different interpretations, and a professional investigator can make a better decision as to the validity of the infractions. The problem of profiling will always be a valid concern of prospective employees when their social media websites are investigated, but an employer will be able to look at all the information as a whole, and be in a better position to make tough decisions when two potential applicants information is side by side.

Optimizing The Process And Saving Time

The ability to access these social websites to do investigations on employees allows the company to free up valuable time that had been previously designated to research managers within the company. These managers who have to do much of the research the old fashion way, either by requesting a background report or making inquiries to previous employers, friends and references. This is an extremely long and cumbersome process that can be eliminated with the use of social media websites.

The issue of researching an employee on these social websites can make the companies hiring process faster and more accurate, but they must abide by certain guidelines set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Checking an employee’s history and actions on social media websites must be done in a non-discriminatory manner, ensuring that employers can quickly and accurately discover information that will aid in the decision making concerning hiring the employee.

Homeowners Protecting Their Families

The popularity of social media websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have given the world the opportunity to take a closer look at the type of individuals who are posting on these websites. Homeowners who are considering hiring a nanny or babysitter have been utilizing these websites for years now. Protecting your family from a potential problem with hired help, had always been simply done by word of mouth or in some cases a hard copy background check.

Today, those same homeowners can screen any applicant simply by requesting their Facebook or YouTube account. Being able to take a look inside the life of the applicant, when they are at their most honest, is the best way to make a decision into their credibility and ability to take care of members in your home. Posting pornographic pictures or racist videos will give you the ability to make a clear and rational decision if this is the type of person you want alone with your children.

One other way they gauge potential employees is by the amount of time the applicant spends on these websites. If they are literally posting updates hundreds of times each day, even while they are in school, this could most certainly be considered a red flag. The potential babysitter is texting and posting racy images on Facebook when they should be studying in class, so what do you think they will be doing when they should be carefully watching your children?

Word of mouth is always key whenever you are going to be letting someone in your home and taking care of elderly or your children. The social media sites simply allow you to take the investigation a step further and identify the true personality of the employee. If they have posted pictures of boyfriends sneaking over past babysitting jobs, it is probably a good indication that your home will be the next location of those sneaky meetings. You’re only complementing your initial investigations with the social media information, but in this case a picture can really speak a thousand words.

Business Owners Checking Up on the Help

Even though an employee has been with the company for months, weeks or years, that should not mean that their position should go without periodic checks. You can evaluate an employee by their work performance within the company, but there does come a time when cutbacks need to be made and laying off workers is not always done by time of service.

Employees who have hot reached the company’s expectations or have consistently been behind on work projects, are prime candidates for investigation. The ability to research an employee on their social media website gives you a closer look at potential areas that could be causing the drop off in performance on the job. You can identify if the employee is out each night at bars or clubs, or if the employee was not sick as they had called in and were actually enjoying some sort of recreation, or still you can see if they were speaking unkindly about the company. The social media sites allow employers to see the employee and their actions in a more honest and revealing way.
If you or your company is considering running a background check on a potential employee, you should consider using the services of eVerify for that process. Finding information such as racist remarks, pornographic videos and illegal activities are only part of the investigation process.

The services provided by eVerify will feed you with information on potential employees and current employees as potentially problematic instances occur. Details will be input into their system that can identify areas of concern as they happen. This is a huge advantage over trying to research employees on your own. You will be alerted to objectionable information in a timely manner so you can make those tough decisions quickly and efficiently.


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