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background checkI can’t remember how many times I feared for my safety, having trusted someone once only to find out the scary truth about that person. Maybe you also had the same feeling about someone or something, and if that’s the case, we might have the right information for you here in this article. We have reviewed the online background check service eVerify.com, in an attempt to help you in case you need to uncover the truth about an employee, or locate an old friend, or even generate criminal record reports.
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what does a background check showMany of us have made the mistake of hiring contractors or people to work in our home who turned out not to be quite as legitimate as we had hoped. The same can also be said for hiring employees in the workplace. Many people exaggerate or lie on their resume, and you only find out about it after is too late. With a background check, you will be able to better protect yourself and make a more informed decision on everyone you interact with. This article helps you answering the question What does a background show?

What Is A Background Check?

If you have ever gone through the interview process in a major company, then you probably have been told that a background check will be run on you. As frightening as this may be, the truth is that all of the information is available to anyone at any time and you have the same right to run this kind of background check on someone else.

Depending on the company you work with and the level of searching you require, a background check will usually include basic criminal records, including information on arrests, convictions, and driving infractions. You will also gain access to most shots and sexual offender status.

What Does A Background Check Show?

A more basic type of background check shows recent phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, as well as date of birth, relatives, and known associates. This information is all available to the public, but by using a company that specializes in background checks, you will not have to do the searching yourself.

In addition to doing background checks for people who you may be hiring, you may want to do a background check on a potential love interest, ex boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone who has just come into your life.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Background Check Done?

There was a time when doing a background check required hiring a private investigator, but that is no longer the case. By simply using a company like eVerify, you can quickly and easily do your own background check in a matter of minutes. All the information you really need is the name and state of the person you are looking for, and eVerify will provide you with a list of people who match that specification. From there, you can then choose the person you are interested in and run the background check.

What Do People Say About Everify?

There are quite a few reviews online for eVerify, and what you will see is that this program has a reputation for being very accurate, up-to-date, and extremely easy to use. Running a background check on eVerify takes just a matter of minutes, and the best part of it is that you do not need an abundance of information in order to learn more about a person. In most cases, you will only need their first and last name and state of residence to start a background check.

eVerify provides different types of background checks, depending on the kind of information that you need. For instance, you may want to track down an old flame or friend, in which case their phone number, address, or email address would be enough. On the other hand, a background check for a potential employee will contain a lot more information, including court records, immigration status, and public information taken from social media.

Will This Kind Of Background Check Show What You Need?

It is amazing to see what kind of information is publicly available online, without the need to hire a private investigator. If you are serious about learning what does a background check show, then the best way to learn is to run a background check on yourself. By using a program like eVerify, you can do this in a matter of minutes and see what kind of information is available online about you.

Running these kinds of background checks is completely legal, confidential, and is the best way to protect yourself in many situations. Whether you are hiring someone or checking on someone you are thinking about dating, a background check can show you a lot.

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illegal immigrationIt is amazing to see how much information you can find online about almost anyone you know, but before you use that information to make a decision, you owe it to yourself and to them to make sure the information you are using is correct. eVerify is considered to be the leading background check system available today, and one that will provide you with all the information that you need, whether you are hiring a babysitter or you are using eVerify for illegal immigration checking.

What Is eVerify?

This is a very easy to use, confidential, and affordable program that will provide you with a comprehensive background check based on publicly available information. You do not need to get a person’s Social Security number in order to do this, nor do you even need their permission. By simply providing a name and the state of residence, you will be provided with a list of individuals from home you can choose. Once you have identified the person who you want to check, then it takes only minutes to get a full report delivered to your email.

What Is the Connection Between Everify and Illegal Immigration?

One of the reasons why many people are using eVerify is to prevent illegal immigration abuse. In today’s world, it is essential that you did not hire illegal immigrants, whether it is in your home or for your business. Doing so could put you, your company, or your family at risk. By using eVerify, you can check on everyone you come in contact with to determine if they are legally able to work for can be trusted at all.

For example, if you are attempting to hire a babysitter or nanny, it is essential that you determine whether or not the person has the right to work in this country or if they have a criminal record of any kind. Without the use of eVerify , illegal immigration could end up costing you an awful lot.

How Can Everify Help You?

It is surprising to see just how many uses eVerify has, not least of which is determining the immigration status of a potential employee. But, some people will use this tool to check the social media footprint of a person, including their online photos, videos, blogs, and more.

eVerify also has the ability to go through local, state, and national arrest records, pull up mugshots, court records, and determine if a person is a registered sex offender.

Finally, in other very popular use for eVerify is to track down old friends and relatives. By using the simple People Search function of this program, you can find out where old high school friends currently live, and even get their email address. This can also be useful for vetting potential dates or for any time when you want to make sure that someone is telling the truth.

What Do Real People Say About Everify?

The biggest benefit of using a program like eVerify is that it makes doing online research so much easier. Although you could probably find most of the information that eVerify will show you online on your own, the truth is that it can take weeks or months in order to do so. eVerify has the ability to go through court records all over the country in a matter of seconds and provide you with organized, up-to-date information on the person you are looking for.

Is This The Best Background Check Program For You?

They can be difficult to even consider doing a background check on someone, but chances are pretty good that someone has done one on you in the past. With eVerify, you can check on illegal immigration, court records, social network information and more, all in a matter of minutes.

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background check for safetyIt was not that long ago when anyone needed information on a person’s background would hire a private investigator. Obviously, there is so much information online these days about almost everyone that a private investigator is no longer needed to run a simple background check for safety. All of this information is now available to you online and it is just a matter of finding the right kind of company to work with.

What Is a Background Check?

There are numerous types of background checks that you can do on anyone, and it really comes down to the kind of information that you want to know. You may want to have more personal information about someone who will be in your home or in your children than you would ever have someone who will be working at your company.

Some background checks are done simply to confirm facts such as age, address, relatives, or a clean criminal record, while others can provide much more information such as property records, birth and death records, and an abundance of information from social media. Particularly if you will be hiring someone in a potentially sensitive position, then it is worth your while to investigate their public persona online.

Where Can You Get The Highest Quality Service?

Many of the very popular background check companies are nothing more than just a simple database that you can use by paying a monthly fee, but you may need more assistance than that. With a company like eVerify, you will get considerably more service as well as the assurance that your inquiries will be 100% confidential. This is extremely important when you are running background checks on people who may not be aware you are checking.

By simply typing in a person’s name and state, you will be provided with a list of people, from whom you can determine the one you want the report created for. Then, it is just a matter of minutes until you have a full background check available to you.

Which Background Check For Safety Is Rated Best?

There are several different companies that provide a background check for safety, though it should be said that most of them utilize much of the same data. The difference between these companies really has to do with customer support as well as pricing. If you only anticipate using this service once or twice, then you may be better off purchasing a background check rather than signing up for his service, however that is not always the case.

eVerify is a very well-known company that can help you with all types of background checks for safety, including personal background checks, professional background checks, criminal and immigration background checks, and more.

What Do The Reviews Say About Everify?

It is pretty clear when you read the eVerify reviews that this program is highly respected, even by professional private investigators. Because it uses the most up-to-date data from all over the country, you should be able to find out the information that you need on any person.

A lot of the people who have used eVerify for employment verification purposes have found that this is a lot easier than paying a company to check factual information or to do it on their own. This is also the most affordable and quickest way to see if someone has a criminal record, undisclosed court records, or other issues that could cause potential problems down the road.

Is This The Best Company For You To Work With?

There are many purposes for eVerify at everify.com, and especially in today’s world where so much of what we do is online, it is important to utilize a background check for safety whenever you can. Whether you are hiring someone to work in your home or to take care of your children, or you are hiring an employee or contractor, knowing precisely what you are getting ahead of time is extremely important. With eVerify, you will always be just a minute or two away from knowing the truth.


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US Government shutdownEmployers use the Federal government’s website PACER, otherwise known as Public Access to Court Electronic Records System, to complete background checks on all employees. During the government shutdown this website is not closed, although the E-Verify system is closed. Any crime tried through the Federal Court System is screened through PACER and available for employers to view. E-Verify is used to check the right to work eligibility status of a potential employee. Expect delays for final reports through each site because of indefinite or incorrect information. Federal prosecutors and United States Court Clerks may not be available to answer any questions, although guidance is offered to employers regarding extensions for forms that must be submitted during the hiring process.

E-Verify Cannot Be Accessed During Government Shutdown

With the E-Verify System temporarily closed, what is not available to employers? Employers cannot verify an employee’s eligibility for employment, they cannot reset a password, change their user ID or edit any company information on E-Verify. There are no customer service reps available to assist employers, therefore, TNC’s (Tentative Nonconfirmations) cannot be resolved. Cancellation of employer accounts is not allowed and reports of any kind cannot be accessed, nor can Essential Resources be reviewed.

Other services not available in the E-Verify System include: There will be no access to online training including webinars, self-check is not available, and customer support for e-mail, either by e-mail or by telephone, is not available during the government shutdown. Employers can send e-mails but will not receive a response until the government reopens.

Employers Extensions Until The Federal Government Shutdown Is Over

Employers must continue to hire during the shutdown, so how do they complete requirements regarding background checks? Guidance is offered using the following policies regarding extensions: An employer’s 3-day rule for the use of form I-9 continues to stand as is. This form must be processed according to the Department of United States Citizenship and Immigration and is not affected by the shutdown. The form must be completed by the third business day after an employee begins work.

An extension is provided to resolve issues involving Tentative Nonconfirmation, meaning the 8 day federal work day rule has been extended by the federal government. The 8 days do not count toward issues regarding Tentative Nonconfirmation when the government is shut down. They begin when the government reopens. This pertains to obtaining various documents needed for employment from the Social Security office or the Department of Health and Human Services. No action can be taken toward an employee regarding the E-Verify employee eligibility status. Additionally, the Federal Contract Rule deadline has been extended. Employers must contact a Federal Contract officer for more information about the extension.

Background Checks For Firearms

What effect does the government shutdown have on background checks being submitted for those who are purchasing guns? The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is up and running. Normal business hours continue as always. Armouries and business owners can perform background checks, although the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is temporarily closed. Government services and programs such as the Firearms Technology Department, the importing of firearms and explosives, branches of the NFA and the Center for Licensing are not operational during the government shutdown.

The National Firearms Association (NFA) is taking applications but they will not be processed until the government reopens. This includes all forms for NFA Gun Trusts, all business corporation’s applications, private owner’s applications and transfer of ownership applications.

Although Congressional and Presidential agreements on funding are not reached, the NICS continues to be regarded as an essential service needed for the safety of the country. This department cannot be closed. All applications submitted for background checks for the purchase of firearms will be processed, although the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is closed.

Other Shut Downs And Delays Regarding Government Background Checks

Identity background cross checks for commercial use are not affected by the government shutdown, although Form SSA89 for SSN ownership is not available for public use. This is for employees and employers and is conducted via the Social Security Administration. If there is an investigation already in progress, there will be delays because of incomplete information available in the database.

State and local court systems are not closed, so credential verification has not been affected. Expect delays when contacting federal prosecutors and U.S. court clerks. All final reports within the government background check system (PACER)and the E-Verify System may be delayed because of indefinite information and delays in processing reports.

Government background checks can be processed using PACER although the E-Verify System is temporarily closed. Although employers can access PACER to conduct employee background checks, information may not be available from the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services. Branches of the NFA are closed until the government has reopened. The NICS remains open because it is declared an essential service.

One solution that many employers have been using even before the shutdown is the affordable premium software eVerify, a nationwide search system created in 2010 with the objective of providing unlimited searches with regards to background checking, social media check, criminal records, and people search. EVerify compiles a comprehensive report for their customers, and it might just be the perfect solution for you.


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background investigationBackground Investigation has become a need nowadays. Conducting background check can be very useful for employers. It can result in reduced workplace crime rate, employee theft etc. Not being careful can result in the employer getting sued for negligent hiring. Not only is background investigation beneficial for employers, but can also prove useful for verifying your new neighbours, people you just met, etc. This can calm the nerves of moms worried about their daughter’s new boyfriend! Some online tools exist for the simple background verification.

Professional/Personal Reasons To Performe a Background Investigation

1. Professional Purposes:

a) Employment References:  Always ask the candidates for references. This can show if the person is a hardworking fellow. If they are credible the candidate probably is good enough. But still investigate a bit more to be completely sure.

b) Character reference checking: See if the candidate has positive character reference. This is a good measure as even though the person does not have any proved negative behaviour general workplace tendencies can be known and carefully observed.

c) Gaps in employment history: Check for large time period absence from work. Ask the candidate for the reasons and verify. Generally reasons of absence from work for a prolonged period of time can be pretty significant.

d) Identity and address verification: This is one of the most important aspects of background Investigation. This works on multiple levels. In this process, First the identity of the person is verified, that means, it is investigated if the person is really who, he says he is. It must be certain that he is not impersonating someone else. Address verification is a part of this process. Address verification can certify the identity of an individual. This process can also lead to immigration/terrorist checks that verify passport/visa of foreign candidates.

e) Credit history Investigation: In this process, important credit aspects of an individual can be analysed. It can be valuable to see if the person has ever filed bankruptcy.

f) Criminal history Investigation: This part has to be done carefully. Sometimes we limit our search to specific geographic area. This can exclude the crimes committed in other regions. In addition to criminal record reporting there are various jurisdictions which lack communication with each other. Hence to be thorough, employers need to make more than one criminal check. The possible locations include national criminal records, federal crime records, sex offender registry, etc.

g) International background check: Having a background check on international candidates is a completely different matter. Different nations have different policies in revealing their records. Hence it is advisable to hire private agencies specializing in these fields. Also an employer should keep close watch on a newly hired employee for mistakes. While some of them can be excusable, most important thing is to notice a pattern among the incidents. For example, If a candidate has a ticket for speeding it may not be a bad thing but if he has many such tickets, he may have some problem. As they say repetition is worse.

2. Personal Reasons:

a) New neighbours: All of us at some point have suspected new neighbours based on certain oddities. Having a check on neighbours is good as they are in close contact in our daily lives. These suspicions may or may not be true but it never hurts to check.

b) New people: We meet new people every day. Some of them can even become important part of our lives like future partners or just good friends. If you suspect have a check. Not only will you get rid of doubts but it can also help relations. Especially having a financial background check on would be spouse is advisable!

c) Nanny check: If you are working or out of town nannies are required. We have to be responsible while hiring the right person to take care of the children. Hiring someone whom you know personally is always advisable. Sill if it is not possible there are many services with nannies registered and with background information.

d) Child Safety: Background investigation is very helpful for the purpose of child safety. Many children spend much time in a day care centre where adults other than parents take their. In this situation one may assume that the staff might have had a background check but some states do not check for sex offenders before hiring them. Hence having a proper check on the staff never hurts. Though the background checks cannot prove ‘closet offenders’, at least the knowledge that your child isn’t near a person with history of child abuse, negligence etc. should give you more confidence and peace of mind.

All of these thorough background investigations may require some amount of resources which might not be feasible for individuals. In cases like that, certain companies might just have the best solution available. It is the case of eVerify, which provides access to background investigation assistance all over the United States. You can use eVerify as it provides thorough background information from various sources.


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Social mediaCompanies are turning to social media to help with the important hiring decisions concerning potential new employees. Giant social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have become vital in the firing and hiring process of employees, and more and more companies are turning their focus from traditional background checks, to utilizing the power of social media to help with that process.

Companies Using Social Media to Help With Hiring

When hiring a new employee to a company, background checks are of course very important for the safety of the business. These background checks can identify potential problems that a resume will not tell you, such as driving infractions, domestic violence issues and criminal history. The background check will give you concrete evidence that will aid in the decision making concerning the hiring of the prospective employee, but social media now gives the decision makers a more in depth look at the person.

Companies now have the ability to look at a person’s profile on Facebook and identify issues that could be a potential problem in the future. Investigators can spot where prospective employees are involved in illegal activities that they post on their wall. These infractions can range from illegal gambling, downloading stolen music to posting pornographic subject matter.

These issues can all be left to different interpretations, and a professional investigator can make a better decision as to the validity of the infractions. The problem of profiling will always be a valid concern of prospective employees when their social media websites are investigated, but an employer will be able to look at all the information as a whole, and be in a better position to make tough decisions when two potential applicants information is side by side.

Optimizing The Process And Saving Time

The ability to access these social websites to do investigations on employees allows the company to free up valuable time that had been previously designated to research managers within the company. These managers who have to do much of the research the old fashion way, either by requesting a background report or making inquiries to previous employers, friends and references. This is an extremely long and cumbersome process that can be eliminated with the use of social media websites.

The issue of researching an employee on these social websites can make the companies hiring process faster and more accurate, but they must abide by certain guidelines set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Checking an employee’s history and actions on social media websites must be done in a non-discriminatory manner, ensuring that employers can quickly and accurately discover information that will aid in the decision making concerning hiring the employee.

Homeowners Protecting Their Families

The popularity of social media websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have given the world the opportunity to take a closer look at the type of individuals who are posting on these websites. Homeowners who are considering hiring a nanny or babysitter have been utilizing these websites for years now. Protecting your family from a potential problem with hired help, had always been simply done by word of mouth or in some cases a hard copy background check.

Today, those same homeowners can screen any applicant simply by requesting their Facebook or YouTube account. Being able to take a look inside the life of the applicant, when they are at their most honest, is the best way to make a decision into their credibility and ability to take care of members in your home. Posting pornographic pictures or racist videos will give you the ability to make a clear and rational decision if this is the type of person you want alone with your children.

One other way they gauge potential employees is by the amount of time the applicant spends on these websites. If they are literally posting updates hundreds of times each day, even while they are in school, this could most certainly be considered a red flag. The potential babysitter is texting and posting racy images on Facebook when they should be studying in class, so what do you think they will be doing when they should be carefully watching your children?

Word of mouth is always key whenever you are going to be letting someone in your home and taking care of elderly or your children. The social media sites simply allow you to take the investigation a step further and identify the true personality of the employee. If they have posted pictures of boyfriends sneaking over past babysitting jobs, it is probably a good indication that your home will be the next location of those sneaky meetings. You’re only complementing your initial investigations with the social media information, but in this case a picture can really speak a thousand words.

Business Owners Checking Up on the Help

Even though an employee has been with the company for months, weeks or years, that should not mean that their position should go without periodic checks. You can evaluate an employee by their work performance within the company, but there does come a time when cutbacks need to be made and laying off workers is not always done by time of service.

Employees who have hot reached the company’s expectations or have consistently been behind on work projects, are prime candidates for investigation. The ability to research an employee on their social media website gives you a closer look at potential areas that could be causing the drop off in performance on the job. You can identify if the employee is out each night at bars or clubs, or if the employee was not sick as they had called in and were actually enjoying some sort of recreation, or still you can see if they were speaking unkindly about the company. The social media sites allow employers to see the employee and their actions in a more honest and revealing way.
If you or your company is considering running a background check on a potential employee, you should consider using the services of eVerify for that process. Finding information such as racist remarks, pornographic videos and illegal activities are only part of the investigation process.

The services provided by eVerify will feed you with information on potential employees and current employees as potentially problematic instances occur. Details will be input into their system that can identify areas of concern as they happen. This is a huge advantage over trying to research employees on your own. You will be alerted to objectionable information in a timely manner so you can make those tough decisions quickly and efficiently.


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Criminal Background CheckCriminal background checks have been used for decades by law enforcement and private investigators. With the advent of the Internet, looking into an individual’s criminal history is now available to the public through specialized online service providers. With the right information and a few clicks of the mouse, a business, volunteer organization, or even a private citizen hiring a domestic worker can access an applicant’s criminal history.

Who Is Doing The Criminal Background Check?

A hiring employer most often performs a criminal background check during the job application process for the purposes of finding out information that the applicant is not likely to disclose voluntarily. Additionally, volunteer organizations such as churches or other non-profits will frequently perform criminal background checks for prospective volunteers, especially if those volunteers will be working with children.

When conducting a criminal background check, it is necessary for the inquiring entity to obtain certain key information about the subject of the investigation. This would include the full legal name, date of birth, current and past addresses, and the subject’s social security number. The more details that can be acquired about the subject of the investigation, the more accurate the background check will be. This can help sort out possible false-positives and erroneous results as the investigation proceeds.

In most states, when a background check is conducted for employment purposes, the employer must obtain a written authorization from the applicant. Authorization can be either a simple acknowledgement or a direct authorization granted by the subject of the investigation. Laws vary from state to state, and it is important for anyone performing a criminal background check to be familiar with these laws before initiating an inquiry.

The Criminal Background Check Process

Once the necessary information is obtained, the person or entity performing the check will search local public records to determine if the subject is found. In the past, and investigator would physically go to the local courthouse and research the person of interest. Nowadays, such records are often available online and the research can be conducted much faster.

For adults, criminal history is public record, and is available to any citizen who has a legitimate reason. With regard to individuals under the age of 18, legally known as minors, criminal histories are not public records and are only available to law enforcement and courts that have a legitimate legal purpose in seeking this information. Once a minor becomes an adult, juvenile records are sealed and no longer accessible to anyone, except in very rare and unusual circumstances, and then, only for law enforcement purposes.

Many local courts make public records available online, however, often the subject of the investigation has lived in several different jurisdictions or may have had criminal activity in others. This may include the town, city, or county where the subject lived and/ or the locale where a criminal case was prosecuted, which may not be the same as the person’s jurisdiction of residence. Additionally, state and federal records have their own databases; therefore, finding out the criminal history of an individual by investigating each jurisdiction separately can be a long and arduous process. Modern Internet background check services can simplify the search process and search a variety of jurisdictions quickly and easily. Additionally, options to search state, multi-state, and even federal criminal records is readily available.

What Happens Next?

Upon the conclusion of a criminal background check one of two things can result: Either, the subject has no criminal history and no further investigation is necessary, or something does show in the subject’s history that requires further scrutiny. The most important thing to do when a record is found is to verify with absolute certainty that the person who is the subject of the investigation is the person who has the criminal record found. Sometimes similar names can show up in criminal histories, but upon further investigation, the person being investigated turns out not the subject found in the results. Other types of false-positives can occur and follow up investigations should seek to eliminate any uncertainty.

Once the accuracy of the information is verified and the records are confirmed, the person or organization conducting the investigation will have to make decisions based on the information found. Depending on the depth of the criminal check, such as whether or not the investigation is only looking for felony convictions to the exclusion of any misdemeanours or lesser crimes, only some records will be found. Depending on the employer and their policies regarding criminal history, the decision to hire a person with a criminal history may vary widely.

Some organizations may exclude any applicant with any criminal history of any kind and occurring any time in their life. Others may only be concerned about serious crimes, recent crimes, or even specific types of crime. For example, some volunteer organizations that support youth activities may be most concerned with applicants who have convictions of a sexual nature or child abuse, and may not be troubled by other crimes. On the other hand, a financial institution or security company may not hire anyone who has any sort of criminal record whatsoever.

With today’s data driven world, doing criminal background checks are easy to do when compared to the past. It can be an effective tool for employers to screen applicants according to their hiring policies, or for individuals, churches, or other small organizations to check on existing workers or potential applicants.

Online background check companies such as eVerify make the process simple. Customers can choose the type of background check, the jurisdictions, the types of crimes, and many other options. If you or your company are looking for a reliable service with an affordable price tag, this might be your best option.


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Background Check ReviewsJust about any employer conducts background check reviews. From contacting previous employers, references or even looking at your Facebook profile page. Nowadays, managers and executive staff members cannot take their potential employees’ resume and interview skills at face-value.

With background check reviews programs, employers can use the Internet to find a number of things about you: old or deleted photos, videos, criminal records, court records and more. Whatever you post on the Web is bound to turn up, even after you delete it on your end.

What Do Employers Look For In Background Checks?

Background checks are incredibly informative—as they have to be. They also detail educational history, tax liens, military service records, civil judgments and even medical records. But more importantly, it is very likely that a background check can reveal information that you may not even be aware of. So the issue with that for prospective job applicants is that there could negative information out there that they have no idea about.

If it is true that employers benefit from such services, one has to consider the usefulness of the background checking for employees as well. If you are not sure about the company you are interviewing for, why not check all the information available about them? It always pans out to be a little over cautions.

What Exactly Are Background Check Reviews?

There are several background check reviews that operate as an online system that conduct background checks based upon information from an individual’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification and other useful documentation. This can also include information from his or her U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records. All of this is used to help employers decide whether or not applicants are eligible for employment.

It’s very simple. You can sign up for a free trial period and type in the name of the person you want the background check for. After the trial period, you’re likely to pay a small monthly fee for the service. This service practically does everything else other government services claim to do. But even better, they conduct reverse phone searches, business records searches, bankruptcies, property ownership and more.

They are so effective that, according to Detailreports.com, a background review website can garner about 23,500 visits per day. Several users acknowledge that one of their main selling points is the free zip code data provided to them.

What People Are Saying About Background Check Reviews

One user from webutation.net said the site was the best he has ever used. According to him, one background check service prevented him from getting into business dealings with someone who had a criminal record. User MarkK6 says:

“[It] got me the information to avoid losing a lot of money in my business. I selected this service after checking out the review on thankssherlock.com. They have very thorough reviews of it and other background check sites. The webutation on this is way too low for such a great resource! I would give it 100/100.”

Proponents of background review services say they are discreet, have top-notch web-based Employment Check systems and offer vital data. This type of service can also be used to find long-lost relatives and friends just by providing the person’s complete name, Social Security Number and other significant information about them.

Why Background Check Reviews Are Useful

Even though it sounds too good to be true, these programs are deemed effective in finding pertinent, essential information about your person in question. Several of them have earned the reputation of being the one of the top-trusted providers in background investigation reviews.

For an affordable price, this high-rated service uses its powerful database to search social media profile pages, criminal record history, bank history and even more information that you may need for someone.

The services provided by eVerify are not only effective in what it pledges to do, but also services that many users trust. Signing up for such a service can be seen as a great investment decision, because it gives you results that rival the talents of private investigators. Not to mention that with eVerify, you know you’re getting a premium service at a really good rate.


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Employer and Employee BackgroundVerifying the legal status of any employee or employer is now the law of the land. Before employers can be given certain contracts they must verify they’re legally entitled to receive them. The same is true of any employer hoping to hire an employee. The employer must verify the potential employee has the necessary paperwork to legally work in the United States. The verification process can be difficult and cumbersome. The employer has to find a way to make sure the documents potential employees present are accurate and belong to them. Getting this type of information can be expensive. It can also take a long time to accomplish.

The Records

There are billions of people whose names and information are collected in government and other types of record keeping databases. These databases list people from all over the country. Getting accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date information on a specific person can be a nightmare. It could take a barrage of calls and letters and still the information received may not be complete or accurate.

Using The Internet To Verify Employer And Employee Background

The internet can be helpful in the search for information on the person or people whose information you’re trying to gather. But the internet can also yield a lot of misinformation and false leads. It often takes a skilled, experienced professional with lots of time on their hands to go data mining on the internet. The cost can be astronomical and may not turn up the information necessary to verify the status of the employer or employee.

Criminal Records

Finding data on the criminal records of potential employers or employee is crucial. Hiring criminals can compromise a business and leave them open to fraud and other forms of criminal activity. It’s essential to know if the people with whom you are considering doing business with have committed criminal acts and if so what type. But finding that information in a timely manner can be near impossible.

Knowing if the people you are about to hire are sex offenders or on probation or parole is necessary for public safety. But finding a comprehensive listing which shows people’s arrests and convictions and court records showing whether those arrests were felonies or misdemeanours like driving infractions can be difficult.

Search For Friends And Relatives

People not only need to find information about potential employers and employees, they may be trying to find the whereabouts of long lost family members and friends. Each year tens of thousands of people seemingly disappear without a trace. This can lead to heartache for their family and friends. Many of them are people with mental or emotional problems or people who are refusing to pay child or spousal support. Unless you have the resources to hire a private investigator, the people may never be found.

People also may try to find information on unfamiliar phone numbers or email addresses to find out who is harassing them. Other may want to conduct searches to locate birth or death records and address histories of relatives or associates. But they could end up searching for a needle in a gigantic haystack.

Employer And Employee Background Checks

Background checks are important in the hiring process. They can also be crucial to people who are considering starting personal relationships with people they recently met. However few people are able to conduct an effective background check without professional help.

Many people with sketchy pasts take great pains to hide the skeletons in their closets. Finding out their true identities or what they may have done in the past can be frustrating. One may have to contact law enforcement agencies. If one doesn’t have what is considered a valid reason or proper documentation to conduct a background check law enforcement agencies may ignore those requests.

It can be frustrating to search in vain for asset information, birth records, court records, death records, divorce records, marriage records and property records. The failure to find this information can cause people to lose out on money and other assets to which they are entitled. But finding such information requires someone who has access to government databases. The average person does not have this type of access.

Finding Relatives

Finding out one was adopted can be painful emotionally. The only glimmer of hope these people have of finding out who they really are is to find their birth families. Unless one knows how to access adoption records, this can lead to a dead end.

That means people who have been adopted may never know if their birth families have a history, trace or predisposition to specific illnesses or conditions. This can be dangerous. It can lead to people playing Russian roulette with their health by simply eating or drinking certain foods. It can also endanger the life, health and well-being of their children.

Private investigators can run these checks for you. However they can be expensive and take a very long time. Many times the reports they produce are inconclusive or incomplete.

If you need to perform an online criminal or any other type of background check, which will enable you to quickly verify the status and get a better understanding of with whom they are dealing, the services provided by eVerify might just be your best option.

While the eVerify website is not directly affiliated with the government of the United States nor is it connected to any city, state or federal government agency, it can be used to give people access to much of the information those agencies have in their databases. This information includes arrest, court, criminal, inmate or police records which can be pivotal in background checks. So using the eVerify website can quickly yield much pertinent information.

Another good reason to use eVerify.com to perform background checks is because of the quality and reliability of the sources from which it gathers its information. The information is culled from the top governmental and private industry directories available. This can yield ‘official’ information you can trust on the subject or subjects of your search.


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